TCHC Opens Fourth Mobile Health Clinic: Healthcare Express


Fremont, CA – Tri-City Health Center, with funding from the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, is expanding to a fourth mobile health clinic, directly bringing healthcare to homeless in southern Alameda County as part of our Homeless HealthCare Services.

For nearly 50 years, Tri-City Health Center has been at the forefront in providing healthcare to those in the Fremont area regardless of their ability to pay. Through our mission, TCHC continues to look for ways to expand our comprehensive services to those in need.

TCHC has partnered with ABODE Services for 30 years, beginning with a mobile health clinic serving homeless individuals and families. This not only increased accessible hours to care but allowed our providers to go directly to smaller encampments in need. In 2016, TCHC opened its second mobile health clinic, giving school-aged youth greater access to care. In the same year, TCHC added a third mobile health clinic to provide services to our older-adult population. But expanded access is still needed to address ongoing barriers to care.

“Evidence suggest that mobile health services represent a cost-effective care delivery model that improves health outcomes. Common barriers to health care services include transportation and geographic limitations,” Chief Medical Officer Dr. Harsha Ramchandani affirmed. “This additional mobile health clinic will allow us to do an even better job caring for our most vulnerable patients, such as those who are homeless. We are committed to serving everyone regardless of their condition, documentation or immigrant status. In partnership with PAMF, we will enhance access to care for the homeless population in our service area.”

The new mobile health unit, “Healthcare Express”, can provide medical, behavioral health, substance use disorder care, and social services. TCHC will reach additional encampments and shelters to provide needed services.

PAMF is a longtime supporter of Tri-City Health Center’s mission of providing the best healthcare to all.

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