TCHC needs your support

Like every other industry, the COVID-19 pandemic has upended the world of community health centers. At Tri-City Health Center, we’ve made a dramatic and immediate shift towards testing for COVID-19, in addition to moving much of our care to telehealth visits – health care services with a provider by phone or videoconference (call 510-770-8040 to request a telehealth visit).

This is truly a special and exciting time to be part of public health. Everyone at Tri-City values the opportunity we have in responding to the biggest public health threat we’ve seen in years.

You may have heard news reports of small businesses suffering during this period, and as with many of our peers, COVID-19 has taken an economic toll on Tri-City. By rescheduling non-emergency care – to stop the spread of the virus – TCHC has seen our revenues fall significantly.

While our strong financial planning and management has enabled us to weather the storm so far, the long-term financial threat that COVID-19 poses to Tri-City is undeniable.

As the only FQHC in southern Alameda County, Tri-City is vital to the health care safety net. Our services are invaluable for our patients that have nowhere else to go.

For us to continue these services, we need your help. We humbly ask that you share any financial support you are able to at this challenging time, so that we can continue the lifesaving work that keeps our community healthy.