Kaiser Permanente Grants Tri-City Health Center $60,000 for Maternal and Child Health

Tri-City Health Center (TCHC) is excited to have been awarded a $60,000 grant from Kaiser Permanente for the new Integrated Community Referrals and Support (ICRS) project.

The ICRS pilot project will improve overall maternal and child birth health outcomes and increase patient access to support services during pregnancy and beyond. ICRS will ensure that pregnant patients are able to access all public benefits programs to which they are entitled, by integrating a comprehensive referral network and support system into prenatal medical visits. This ICRS integrated network will include housing assistance, access to food, job training, childcare, and many more, all of which allow a woman to focus on her and her baby’s health.

The grant funding from Kaiser Permanente for this pilot program is providing TCHC a great opportunity to set up an infrastructure and network of partnerships that will improve retention in care and quality of care for pregnant women.  TCHC is thrilled with the support from Kaiser Permanente for ICRS as this project inherently cultivates and promotes improved care set up with interdepartmental collaboration across dedicated Comprehensive Prenatal Health Workers (CPHWs), Member Services, the Community Health Education Manager and additional TCHC staff. This interdepartmental collaboration in-turn will provide TCHC patients access to an even broader scope of services from their point of care.

“Low-income pregnant women are at a dramatically greater risk for poor birth outcomes than their higher income peers. Through this ICRS pilot project, TCHC will improve the outcomes of our low-income prenatal patients by ensuring they have access to the programs and services they need to improve their lives. The ICRS project is committed to helping pregnant women access, navigate, and utilize the resources available to them, as well as improve birth outcomes,” said Pam Kitagawa, Teen and Women’s Programs Manager.

TCHC is committed to providing high quality services to our TCHC patients and their children. TCHC has been actively engaged in the ongoing development of our women health services, with the intent of improving patients’ overall quality of care, increasing health outcomes, and providing access to essential services for the underserved patient population.


Tri-City Health Center (TCHC), located inFremont,Californiawas founded in 1970 to provide family planning services for low-income, minority women. Over the years, TCHC has expanded its scope and now offers high-quality primary medical, dental and behavioral health care services for the entire family. TCHC is a nonprofit, federally qualified health center that serves nearly 20,000 low-income, uninsured and homeless residents living inAlameda County,California.
TCHC is a fiscally responsible, independent, not-for-profit community health center and a key member of our community’s vital health safety-net.

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