$15 Billion in Cuts to Health and Human Service Programs

Over the past three years, California’s legislature and Governors approved an estimated $15 billion in cuts to healthcare and social service programs. Some of the programs directly impacted include: CalWORKS, Medi-Cal, and Healthy Families.

 TCHC has periodically sent out general advocacy emails to inform the community of various health programs that have been harmed by budget cuts. Below is the cumulative breakdown of cuts made to healthcare programs from FY 2008-09 to present at the state funding level. The figures are based on the findings of Health and Human Service Network of California.

CALWORKS: $3.5 Billion

  • CalWORKS has experienced approximately $3.5 billion in spending cuts. $1.1 billion was part of Governor Jerry Brown’s spending cuts package signed in March 2011.
  • These cuts are equivalent to a loss of $3,100 for each of the 1.1 million California children under CalWORKS.


  • Over 3 million adults with Medi-Cal coverage faced elimination of their dental, vision, and podiatry services in 2009 and 2010.
  • This year the cuts continue with the elimination of Adult Health Day Centers.
  • Medi-Cal reimbursement rates have been cut numerous times, including this year.
  • Healthy Families is expected to phase out and patients will transition to Medi-Cal (Read more in TCHC previous Advocacy Newsletter).

MENTAL HEALTH: $1.07 Billion

  • State sponsored mental health programs and services created to provide cost-effective treatment and care for mental illness and substance abuse suffered a cumulative $7.7 million in cuts to the state’s mental health managed care program.
  • Elimination of all state funding towards mental health services that are not required by the federal law.

Additional cuts include: $336.3 million In-Home Supportive Services, $4.6 billion to SSI/SSP, $1.6 billion to Child Care, $997 million to Developmental Disabilities, $191.4 million to Senior Services, and $533,000 to Nutrition Services.

As the November Presidential Election approaches, it is vital to understand what health programs are at stake. TCHC will continue to send advocacy newsletters to inform the community about current health and advocacy issues and ways in which you can get involved as a healthcare advocate.

If you are not currently registered to vote or need to re-register due to a change in name, address, political party, etc., please follow the instructions below.

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TCHC has hosted weekly voter registration drives at our selected clinics. You can register with TCHC at our Mowry and Main Street sites until the end of September 2012.

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