Myth of going “Cold Turkey”

By Wen Soon 

What is cold turkey?

Every person that has used tobacco has probably heard of going “cold turkey.” It’s the belief that if they are “strong enough” or have enough “willpower,” they can stop smoking whenever they want. Everyone knows one person who decided one day that they wanted to quit smoking and has not smoked since. While that may work for some, it does not work for the majority. In fact, only 5% of smokers are able to quit long-term with no support.

Many people are not aware how addictive nicotine is, or how their behavioral routines and habits influence their addiction. For example, there are times when a cigarette suddenly appears in their hand without thinking about it.

What is the best way to quit using tobacco?

The best chance of quitting tobacco is through extended counseling sessions combined with medications that help tackle both the physical and behavioral challenges faced by people who are trying to quit.

What resources are out there?

Tri-City Health Center offers FREE counseling sessions that help people quit tobacco and/or vaping. We can help answer questions, provide ongoing support, and create an individualized quit plan just for you!

In this program, there is no pressure to quit right away. We can help you create a plan so when you do decide to take the next step, you will be prepared and will receive ongoing support. For those who are ready to quit, we can talk about different options and discuss how to deal with routines and triggers that get in the way of quitting. We will keep what works and tackle any challenges you may face until you successfully quit for good.

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