Transvision: Brandi Martell Project

Tri-City Health Center has dedicated its cause to the rich and diverse communities that encompass Southern Alameda County. Our Transvision Program has given resources to transgender patients for 3 years, earning honors both locally and nationally. The heart of the Transvision program is the Brandi Martell Project. IMG_1613


The Brandi Martell Project is named after a transgender woman who was shot in Oakland during a confrontation between 2 men while in her car. She was also a member of our Transvision team, working on outreach to the community. Now we honor her with our HIV/AIDS program for transgender patients.


The Brandi Martell Project is available to transgender patients for education and testing of HIV/AIDs. All transgender patients are provided private, affordable care according to their needs, no matter what status they hold.  With 1-on-1 counseling, testing, and education, Transvision is offering peace of mind to those who need help.


To schedule an appointment, or find out more information about our nationally recognized program, please call: 510-770-8040