Tri-City Health Center is a leading advocate for our community, addressing inequities through community engagement on key policies that impact access to quality health care.

The advocacy team raises awareness of TCHC’s mission and position on policy proposals with elected officials and members of the community. We have led various community campaigns using email blasts and social media promoting health education resources and policy proposals that support the needs of our community. We have established partnering relationships with  advocacy and outreach organizations in the community as a key part of our strategy to reach our representatives and support our community’s health objectives.
TCHC’s key advocacy initiatives include:

  • Get Out the Vote Campaign
  • Email and Social Media Campaign
  • Participation in Rallies and Forums
  • Host Advocacy Events

Get Involved and Advocate for Health Centers

We encourage every member of our community to get involved in raising public awareness and building support for health centers. Together we can achieve exponentially greater gains with a visible impact on our community’s health.

Please become a Tri-City Health Center Advocate and join our drive for quality health care. Please fill out the form below and you will be added to our advocacy database. You will receive periodic emails regarding health advocacy and call to action to advocate for health centers.

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