Veronica Velasquez

“I’m a parent educator at the Fremont Unified School District and was looking at paying $580 a month to get health care just for myself. Affording medical coverage at such a premium was next to impossible.  I was looking for a place that could take care of me and my health and I found all I was looking for and more at Tri-City Health Center.”

Veronica Velasquez has a family history of diabetes. Her mother and sister are diabetic.  She was 27 when she was diagnosed with diabetes.  She was treated at Kaiser Permanente for a few years but she lost eligibility and coverage.  Since then, she struggled to find health coverage and medical care that was not only affordable but also helped meet her health needs.   For three years she didn’t have medical insurance. She couldn’t get her insulin or medicines for her diabetes. Veronica’s health problems took a dive when she had an infection and went to Highland hospital for diagnosis. 

A year ago, one of Veronica’s friends referred her to TCHC. The TCHC staff helped Veronica qualify for health care under the CMSP program.  Veronica was happy and relieved to have qualified for a much needed health care program.  With support and motivation from the caring TCHC staff, nurse practitioner, dietitian and counselor Veronica was able to make gradual lifestyle changes.  Counseling sessions with TCHC Chronic Case Manager, Glenda and nutrition classes with TCHC Dietitian Stefania, helped Veronica realize that one could eat what one wanted in controlled portions.  With the help at TCHC Veronica implemented a food journal and controlled her food portions. Veronica loves eating eggs and Stefania made her happy by recommending egg whites as part of her diet. Veronica also started an exercise routing, riding a bike and walking at the lake with her friend. 

Veronica met Bessa Kautz, Nurse Practitioner, at TCHC.  Bessa Kautz saw and understood Veronica’s frustration, figured out her medical needs and prescribed the right medication to help her resolve her health problem. With treatment by Bessa Kautz, Veronica’s A1C levels dropped from 10.5 to 6.8.

“Bessa Kautz from TCHC is brilliant, diligent and inspires trust.  From now on, for the rest of my life, I want Bessa to be my provider. She motivates me by letting me know that she is proud of me every time my A1C levels drop. She answers my questions and gets me the information that I as a patient need.”

Veronica Velasquez is a strong assertive woman with a desire to take care of her health.  She is grateful to TCHC for providing medical care and keeping her motivated to make the right choices for managing her health and keeping healthy.