Rasesh Parikh

“Knowing that I had diabetes was a shock. I’m glad that I came to TCHC where providers are knowledgeable, caring and friendly. I learned valuable information from Eden Domingo and Michelle Roy. I didn’t know anything about HbA1C and the consequences of diabetes. Thanks to Eden and Michelle, I now know how to eat to control my diabetes and improve my overall health.”

Rasesh Parikh, a recent patient of Tri-City Health Center (TCHC), is a living testimonial of TCHC’s team-based care approach providing great results when patients are committed to work towards their health.   

Rasesh Parikh came to the USA in 2010 with his wife, looking for a better life for his family. He landed a job in the marketing field. Like many immigrants, Rasesh was affected by the economic down turn, losing his job. This increased his stress levels and he started feeling redness and irritation in his eyes. He couldn’t look at the computer for more than fifteen minutes. During a visit to the Employment Development Department office, Rasesh heard about Tri-City Health Center and scheduled an appointment.

At TCHC, Rasesh met Jui-Li Chang, a provider who offered comprehensive treatment not only by addressing his symptoms but also ordering blood work to identify the root cause of his condition. The blood analysis indicated that Rasesh was suffering from diabetes. Rasesh was referred to Eden Domingo, Diabetes Case Manager and Michelle Roy, Registered Dietitian for further care.

Rasesh has done a great job following his treatment plan and all the advice from the TCHC providers. His HbA1c was 12.5 in February 2012. With all the changes that he has implemented, in July 2012, his HbA1c is 8. His blood pressure also has gone down from 163/103 to 143/83. Rasesh is highly motivated to improve his diabetes and hypertension.

“Now, I walk every day, take my medications on time and follow all the indications from Michelle. I’ve stopped eating potatoes and just have two rotis with my meal. I even eat bitter gourd, since it helps me with my diabetes”

Rasesh is happy and very appreciative of his experience at TCHC. He believes that TCHC is doing good things for the community and plans on continuing with his and his wife’s health care at the clinic. Now that Rasesh is feeling better, he has decided to continue his job hunt.  He’s open to new opportunities while keeping the importance of his health in mind.