Rafael Ramos

“My first visit at Tri-City Health Center made a lasting impression. Good location, clean facilities, excellent customer service and providers that care about my health! Tri-City Health Center has been my clinic of choice”

Rafael Ramos migrated to the USA from the Philippines in 1987. Like all immigrants in the USA, he came with the dream of having a better life and improving the life of his family. Rafael has pursued that dream with the spirit of fighter, believing that life gives us challenges and it is within us to overcome them. The economic downturn threw financial and health care challenges as Rafael was affected by a work force reduction. Rafael’s family has a history of hypertension. His mother and brother died from a heart attack. Given the stress of the economy and the family history, medical care and health care counseling was critical for Rafael and his family. He joined a local community clinic, but wasn’t too happy with their service. One of his coworker encouraged him to visit Tri-City Health Center.

“Tri-City Health Center helped enroll me and my family in appropriate health care programs, provided timely counseling and controlled my blood pressure. The guidance and motivation from the TCHC health counselors is invaluable”

Rafael Ramos joined TCHC as a new patient in January 2010. Enrolled in the Alameda County Excellence (ACE) Program for chronic care diseases, he is grateful to programs that benefit him and his family. The TCHC care and the ACE program have helped Rafael keep his blood pressure under control. The TCHC health counselors have motivated Rafael to keep on top of his diet and exercise. Following a low fat diet, exercising 3 times a week and reducing his salt intake, Rafael reduced his blood pressure and blood sugar.

“Beatriz is wonderful! She is a great counselor who keeps me educated and informed through take home brochures and pamphlets. I always remember her when I’m eating. She strives to educate me on the portions of food I should eat.”

Rafael is thrilled with his experience with the TCHC providers. “Dr. Angelique Green is a very knowledgeable and professional doctor. She explains everything in detail and makes sure I understand her clearly. I trust her. I’m fortunate to have her as my provider.”

Rafael Ramos is a happy patient of TCHC. In the last six months, he has visited the clinic seven times and he plans on being a loyal patient for years to come.