Meng Xue

“Choosing a doctor was probably one of the most critical factors of my first pregnancy. It was hard trying to figure out where to find a doctor, especially one that inspired trust. At Tri-City Health Center I found Nancy Weeks a professional and caring provider that could answer all my questions. I consider myself privileged. At Tri-City Health Center I received proper prenatal care that ensured the health of both me and my baby.”

Meng Xue is a twenty two years old female resident of Union City. Referred by a friend, she came to the TCHC clinic looking for prenatal care in 2008. During her first visit she felt safe and welcome. Her experience was so good that she decided that TCHC would become her clinic.

She was pregnant for the first time and she didn’t know what to expect. TCHC provided her with quality prenatal care, monitoring the progress of her pregnancy and identifying potential problems before they became serious for either her or the baby.

As Meng awaited the arrival of her baby, she was filled with diverse feelings crossing from joyful anticipation to fearful concerns. Hong Miao, TCHC prenatal counselor, assisted her in identifying her strengths and resolved her concerns regarding the birth of her baby and her new life.
“I realized the benefits of prenatal counseling. Discussing my concerns in the positive context of prenatal counseling allowed me to move towards birth with increased confidence and relaxation. I was confident that I could count on great counselors and providers.”

Meng’s pregnancy went really well. However, she had gained too much of weight. When she started her first pregnancy, Meng weighed 147 pounds. But by the ninth month of her pregnancy, she was around 190 pounds. Nancy Weeks, her provider, referred her to the TCHC Nutritionist.

Joby Neelankavil, TCHC’s Nutritionist, explained to her the importance of monitoring the mother’s diet and weight during pregnancy. Maternal difficulties could lead to complications such as diabetes and high blood pressure and if left untreated, could be harmful to the fetus. Joby recommended a healthy and balanced diet and moderate exercises like walking.

“My son is now one and a half years old and he is so healthy. This is the result of the great prenatal care offered by the clinic. My experience at TCHC has been so pleasant that this is my second pregnancy and I’m back to see Nancy Weeks. My family has always been there to support me and like my family, TCHC has been there for me in the most important moments of my life.”