Maribel De la Cruz

“I have been a patient of TCHC since 1997 and I have chosen TCHC as the health care provider of my four daughters. The communication with providers has been great. Even in the beginning, when I couldn’t communicate in English, TCHC provided me with a translator so that I could express my concerns without any problems”

Maribel De la Cruz and her four daughters form a happy family that illustrates complete happiness with the services of Tri-City Health Center. A TCHC patient since 1997, Maribel has received prenatal care for three of her pregnancies. She has also been a participant of TCHC’s First Five Dental program.

Maribel was seven months pregnant when she came to the US from Mexico and was looking for a health care provider. Maribel’s first experience with the TCHC was at the Logan Drive site. From her very first visit, Maribel was impressed with the care and the attention she received at TCHC. Maribel followed all the care of her first pregnancy at TCHC. She had such a pleasant experience that she came back for two of her pregnancies and all the pediatric care for her daughters.

Maribel’s four daughters, 14 years old Cristal De la Cruz, 9 years old Briana, 5 years old Dianelly, 2 years old Xitlali, are all enrolled in TCHC’s Healthy Kids program.

Maribel’s daughter Cristal De la Cruz had a lot of problems when she was born.   TCHC provider Dr. Mogri carefully and thoroughly examined Cristal, and referred her to the Otolaryngologist for surgery. Thanks to Dr. Mogri’s care and attention, Cristal has grown to be a healthy and happy teen.

“Dr. Mogri always has given her best attention to my daughters. At TCHC I have always received comprehensive help for all my needs from prenatal care services to pediatrics for my kids. I had the opportunity to change to Kaiser Permanente.  But I love Dr. Mogri and I want her to continue with the care for my daughters. I don’t have a need for changing my provider.”  

Maribel found out that TCHC was implementing a dental program at Kidango Cabello, where her daughter Dianelly attends school. She registered without any hesitation to participate in the program. She has had an exceptional experience with the program and has gained invaluable information. She learned about the importance of eating fruits and cleaning teeth to help oral hygiene. Visual demonstration on the amount of sugar in a soda can was a wakeup call for her. As a result she doesn’t buy soda at home and tries to avoid it at restaurants. This was huge change for her family.

It was the first time that Maribel participated in a dental health education program and she thought that the results were positive not just for her but also her children. The program helped her realize the importance of dental hygiene. She was so happy with the program that she wanted more sessions. She thought that the program workshops were perfect and they were very well designed.

The De la Cruz family portrays the impact of the TCHC staff and services on the families in the Tri-City area.  The personalized and comprehensive health care and services provided by TCHC have resulted in the creation of long lasting relationships with our patient families.