Jerman Yañez

“This program is a blessing not just for my kid but for the entire family.  Before the program, it was hard to get Jerman out of the house, away from his video games.  Now he enjoys going to the gym.  The program has helped the whole family by allowing us to spend time together and exercise. I have seen improvement in Jerman and I’m sure that more will come at the end of the program.” Lucila Rochel, mother of Jerman Yañez, TCHC patient.

Lucila Rochel, a mother of 3 children came from Mexico more than thirteen years ago. The economic downturn affected Lucila’s family and her husband lost his job and consequently also their health care at Kaiser Permanente. Lucila has a family history of diabetes and high blood pressure and has always had a concern about her family’s health.

Lucila was referred to TCHC by her sister, especially for her 12 year old son, Jerman Yañez. He was six years old when he started suffering from allergies. Jerman was also diagnosed with Strabismus and ADHD.

His allergies were treated at Kaiser and needed to be controlled. Dr. Nazneen, pediatrician at Tri-City Health Center, helped Jerman to control his allergies and informed Lucila that Jerman was overweight. Dr. Nazneen referred Jerman to a dentist, a dietitian and an optometrist.  With the referral, Jerman had dental surgery.  

During the first appointment, Stefania Manetti, TCHC Registered Dietitian, advised Lucila and Jerman on the importance of reading labels on food products and the size portions. Stefania invited Lucila and Jerman to participate in the Eat Well, Live Active program.

The TCHC Eat Well, Live Active program combined clinical and lifestyle based intervention, incorporating nutritional counseling workshops, guided supermarket tours promoting healthier food habits with the parents of the program participants, and discounted family gym memberships with personalized fitness regimes at the Fremont YMCA.   

Jerman enrolled in the TCHC Eat Well, Live Active program and has been a poster child for the effectiveness of the innovative program.  

As a result of the program, Jerman exercises three times a week, is energetic and motivated.  Lucila and her whole family have seen the benefits of exercise and eating healthy. 

This program is helping families to improve the quality of life that we have. The instructors at the YMCA not only have the patience and dedication to provide the classes to the kids, but also speak Spanish to make the participants feel comfortable. The program promotes exercise as a discipline of a healthy lifestyle, and the affordable discounted membership at YMCA is an added bonus.”

As a mother, the most the important thing for Lucila is to see Jerman and her family healthy and happy. TCHC’s Eat Well, Live Active program has provided Lucila and her family the means to achieve their goal of leading a healthy life.