James Crossley

“I was diagnosed with Diabetes, had high cholesterol and was overweight.  I was feeling tired and I couldn’t take long walks. Dr. Dickey referred me to TCHC and helped me turn things around.  Since May last year, I’ve lost 70 pounds. I have a lot more energy.  I never had such a great experience at a clinic, connecting with all the staff and health care professionals like what I have had at TCHC.”

James Crossley originally from Washington State, has made the bay area his home. He works as a drug and alcohol counselor at Second Chance, a TCHC partner agency.  He also works as a caretaker and is finishing school pursuing his AA. He learned to be a care taker because his deceased wife suffered from lupus.

James was diagnosed with Diabetes at Saint Rose hospital around September 2010.  He was referred to Dr Dickey who in turn referred to TCHC.  James had an excellent experience at TCHC right from the get go.   The first person that James talked to at TCHC, made him feel at ease with a pleasant tone of voice and attentive service.

James was worried when he was diagnosed with diabetes.  He thought that he was going to die or have major complications. His fears were blowing his heath condition out of proportion. He had suspected that his health was going downhill since he wasn’t taking care of himself.  His wife was hospitalized and he didn’t have the time or the motivation to manage his diet, nutrition and food habits.  His diet included a lot of fried food, missing out on nutritious fruits or vegetables, without an exercise regime.

Stefania Manetti, TCHC dietitian reassured James that he could improve his condition by changing his lifestyle. With the support and health care at TCHC and motivation from Stefania, James changed for good.  The way Stefania introduced change sounded really easy, but it took James some time to adapt to change. He started to swim daily and walked for at least an hour every day. His food habits changed drastically.  Fried food went out while red meat was restricted to once a week. He started eating smaller portions, not eating certain things at parties and limiting eat-outs.

“Stefania is the main reason for my trust and confidence in TCHC. She has always motivated me, recognizing my effort to keep doing better. Stefania is friendly, inspiring and knowledgeable. She is effective in communicating and keeping me encouraged.  She taught me to read labels, count calories and feel proud of myself for losing weight. When people ask me about my weight loss, I tell them that I go to TCHC and they help me work health magic.”

James was on cholesterol medication but improvements over the past year have helped him cut dosage in half.  His A1C levels are down from 8.1 to 5.8.  James believes that without TCHC he would be a frequenting the emergency room.  He is unequivocal in his recommendations for TCHC.