Francisco Voluntad Jr.

“Eden has helped me a lot. She provided me with the information that I needed. She keeps me motivated to keep on improving.  TCHC provides affordable health care.  I pay only 3 dollars for my appointment and medication which is less than what I used to pay at Kaiser. I appreciate the attention and care that I receive from the TCHC providers and staff. TCHC has given me a second chance at life!”

Francisco Voluntad Jr. a resident of Fremont, California emigrated from the Philippines and has been living in the USA for the past 23 years. He is passionate about music and plays the drums and the guitar.

Francisco had medical insurance through his employer and regularly visited Kaiser Permanente. But an injury on the job had him go through surgery and other procedures that had a big impact on his life. Even though he received workers compensation, he had a hard time with his expenses including his health care.

In February 2011, Francisco moved to Fremont and his roommate referred him to Tri-City Health Center (TCHC). Francisco got enrolled in the HealthPAC program. He was extremely concerned, feeling dizzy and at times losing balance. Francisco was going through tough times and unexpected demise of some of his close relatives led to further depression and anxiety.

Francisco fell apart when Dr. Rao, TCHC provider, diagnosed him with diabetes.  He was near blind and his whole body was hurting due to the very high sugar level in his blood.  The TCHC provider and nurse ensured that Francisco received timely attention and care.  At the beginning of his treatment he had to inject insulin six times a day and poke his fingers to monitor his blood sugar levels. The TCHC provider recognized Francisco’s pain and changed his medication from insulin injections to tablets. With motivation and support from the TCHC provider and staff, Francisco continued to improve.  His A1C level at the beginning of the treatment was 14 % and he managed to bring it down to 5.3%.   

For Francisco, change hasn’t come easy. His old habits of not eating properly and minimal exercise had to be transformed into a lifestyle with a new well portioned diet and regular activity.

“I like to eat but now I have a balanced diet. Before I didn’t eat breakfast, ate something for lunch and a lot more for dinner. I’ve now learnt to eat small portions 5 times a day until 10pm. Before I didn’t walk, I use to spend most of time at home. Now I like to walk.”

Francisco is on the right path, continuing to focus on the improvement of his health and his lifestyle. With the motivation and assistance of the TCHC providers and personal drive, Francisco is certain to reach his health goals.  Francisco’s unequivocal appreciation of TCHC services is a testament to the impact that TCHC has had on his life.