Bryan Souza Basante

“Dr. Nazneen is the pediatrician of my kids. She listens to our needs and understands the concerns that I have. She and her Medical Assistant Claudia Garcia are friendly and make my kids feel comfortable every time I visit the clinic.” Fernanda Souza, mother of  Bryan, TCHC patient.

Fernanda Souza, from Brazil, has been in the United States for 10 years. She moved to the Tri-City area about 5 years ago, when she found out that she was pregnant. Her sister-in-law referred her to Tri-City Health Center.

Fernanda is now the mother of two beautiful kids, 4 year old Bryan and 14 months old Richard. Both of them are patients of TCHC, enrolled in Medi-Cal. Fernanda is a hard working mother dedicated to her kids and makes sure that they get the best attention.

When Bryan was one and a half years old, he started experiencing difficulty in breathing and often got tired. Dr. Nazneen diagnosed him with asthma and prescribed the use of the nebulizer four times a day. Fernanda followed the indications and started the treatment at home. As a result of Fernanda’s diligent care and regular attention from the TCHC staff, Bryan no longer needs to use the nebulizer and is energetic playing at home.

Over the past four years, Bryan has had other conditions like eczema and swelling of his knees. Dr. Nazneen has ordered appropriate tests and also referred Bryan to the specialist for each condition.

“If there were no community clinics, like TCHC, I don’t know where we would have gone. I like the attention that I receive at TCHC and I don’t have to pay anything for the services. TCHC helps me a lot. “

Fernanda has complete confidence in the TCHC clinical staff and providers and acknowledges that TCHC is doing everything to help her and Bryan.

Fernanda is very enthusiastic about continuing her family’s health care at TCHC.