Betsy Barba

“Every day when Betsy came back from the YMCA, she was excited and had a new experience to share with us.  She kept on talking about the instructors and how happy she was with the group sessions.” Cecilia Gomez, mother of  Betsy Barba TCHC patient.

Betsy Barba is the poster child for the benefits of the new TCHC Eat Well, Live Active program. Cecilia Gomez chose TCHC as the health care provider for her two daughters Brigitte and Betsy Barba. Nine year old Betsy has been a patient of the clinic since birth. Betsy has generally been a healthy child who comes regularly for her physicals and occasionally for sick visits.

At her last physical appointment, the TCHC Pediatrician Dr. Nazneen found that Betsy was overweight and referred her to the Dietitian, Stefania Manetti who enrolled Betsy in TCHCs  Eat Well, Live Active Program.  

As part of the program, Betsy received personalized nutrition counseling according to her age and gender and joined the exercise sessions at the YMCA three times a week.

Cecilia loved the idea that both her daughters were in the program.  Having her sister as part of the program and participating together in the physical exercise was a huge motivation for Betsy.  Cecilia thought that the instructors at the YMCA were magnificent providing the kids with fun filled exercising sessions.

Betsy is an intelligent, active and disciplined kid who has reduced her BMI (Body Mass Index) thanks to the program. She asks her parents to park far away from stores when her family goes shopping, to create opportunities for walking. She is conscious about the portions of food that she eats and has learned to read the labels and check the calories for everything that she eats.

“I really liked the program and believe that it should continue. The program has established a great beginning and if they continue, I am sure that I will see better results.  I like the counseling designed for the kids. The YMCA memberships and the supermarket tours offered a new and exciting experience for all the children.”

Betsy found self-motivation through the program to exercise and learned the right portions to eat.  The program has created self consciousness about the importance of what she eats and has empowered her to improve her self-esteem and confidence.