Armando Casias

“Tri-City Health Center helped my son Armando improve his condition. They referred him to a specialist and thanks to all the treatment, now Armando can play and be a healthy kid. I am very happy with services of  TCHC. All the staff has treated me and my family well. Dr. Mogri has helped me to improve the life of my family.” Maria Guizar, mother of Armando Casias.

Armando Casias, a six year old child was diagnosed with asthma at the age of two and used to be sick all the time with cough. His mother, Maria Guizar used to take him to the Newark Community Clinic. His medication wasn’t working and his condition wasn’t improving.  He ended up in ER several times. Maria was desperately looking for a health care provider that could help her to improve the condition of her son. Fortunately, she got a flyer of Tri-City Health Center at the Head Start Program. She decided to give TCHC a chance and joined the clinic.

TCHC’s member services staff helped Armando qualify for Medi-Cal program. Dr. Mogri, the pediatrician at TCHC thoroughly evaluated Armando. She prescribed appropriate medications, tested him for all possible allergies. It was diagnosed that Armando had some environmental allergies and was referred to specialist for allergy shots (immunotherapy). After six months of treatment at TCHC, Maria saw a radically change in Armando’s health.

Maria just speaks Spanish. But she communicated with Dr. Mogri using a translator. She’s very thankful to Dr. Mogri for all that she has done for Armando’s well being.

“Armando’s condition was making me lose sleep.  His condition would have worsened, if I had not found Dr. Mogri and TCHC.  She diagnosed the cause for his asthma and referred him to a specialist for allergy shots. Now Armando can play and be a normal healthy kid. Dr. Mogri even tries to speak Spanish and I like that she makes an effort to communicate with me. With Dr. Mogri’s help and support I can now sleep well knowing that the health of my kids is in good hands.”

Maria Guizar was so happy with Dr Mogri, the TCHC staff and services that she decided to join TCHC to get treatment and manage her diabetes. Her daughter has also registered as a TCHC patient. Maria Guizar and her family are now an integral part of a happy and healthy TCHC family. They receive ongoing TCHC support and motivation for managing and improving their health.