Patient Stories

Luis Flores

“I don’t know what I would have done without TCHC. I wish I could give back to a place that gave me so much. TCHC inspires… Read More >

Betsy Barba

“Every day when Betsy came back from the YMCA, she was excited and had a new experience to share with us.  She kept on talking… Read More >

Rasesh Parikh

“Knowing that I had diabetes was a shock. I’m glad that I came to TCHC where providers are knowledgeable, caring and… Read More >

Jerman Yañez

“This program is a blessing not just for my kid but for the entire family.  Before the program, it was hard to get Jerman… Read More >

Francisco Voluntad Jr.

“Eden has helped me a lot. She provided me with the information that I needed. She keeps me motivated to keep on improving.… Read More >

Maribel De la Cruz

“I have been a patient of TCHC since 1997 and I have chosen TCHC as the health care provider of my four daughters. The communication… Read More >

Andrea Hendrix

“I feel comfortable when I come to Tri-City Health Center. I am surrounded with a lot of love and all the staff members played… Read More >

Bryan Souza Basante

“Dr. Nazneen is the pediatrician of my kids. She listens to our needs and understands the concerns that I have. She and… Read More >

James Crossley

“I was diagnosed with Diabetes, had high cholesterol and was overweight.  I was feeling tired and I couldn’t take… Read More >

Armando Casias

“Tri-City Health Center helped my son Armando improve his condition. They referred him to a specialist and thanks to… Read More >

Veronica Velasquez

“I’m a parent educator at the Fremont Unified School District and was looking at paying $580 a month to get health care… Read More >

Rafael Ramos

“My first visit at Tri-City Health Center made a lasting impression. Good location, clean facilities, excellent customer… Read More >

Meng Xue

“Choosing a doctor was probably one of the most critical factors of my first pregnancy. It was hard trying to figure out… Read More >