Patient Center Medical Home

Tri-City Health Center is developing a patient-centered health home model for managing health care services. This approach provides all-inclusive primary care, facilitating partnerships between individual patients and their personal providers, and when appropriate, the patient’s family. This allows better access to health care, increases satisfaction and improves health.

The Health Home Model of care is a team-based approach to providing services for our patients.  It provides continuous and coordinated care through all the stages of a patient’s life, helping to maximize his or her health outcomes.  In the Health Home Model, every patient’s care team is led and coordinated by the patient’s primary care provider.  The care team works together to provide for all of a patient’s health care needs, including preventive services, treatment of acute and chronic diseases, assistance with end-of-life issues, and referrals to outside professionals as needed. In working as a team to improve the health of our patients, the Health Home Model allows us to provide high levels of access and communication, as well as improved care coordination, integration, quality, and safety. All of this enables us to provide care that is truly centered on the most important member of the team: our patients.